SELL, SERVE and SCALE your business to fit your dream life - not fight it.

What if you could have the freedom of choice to scale your business in any direction you choose?

Your marketing plan is probably more like a collage of freebies and random advice you’ve pieced together like Granny’s scrap quilt. 

But you want to follow a practical, actionable strategy that regularly brings in more revenue.

Maybe you have a few misaligned clients you already work with, the ones who are always looking for a “deal” on their next invoice.

But what you want is consistent $5,000 to $10,000 in monthly revenue fueled by clients who value your skill and are excited to collaborate.

You probably have a few systems and processes that you whipped up “for now” and half-heartedly implemented. 

But you still feel like you don’t have a clear direction on how to grow your business.

What if you could connect with your ideal clients, ones that value and appreciate your work?

What if you could finally get paid what you’re worth as the go-to authority in your niche?

What if you could finally build a business you love that feels good to wake up to?

Enter: Aligned Brand Accelerator

Imagine a custom mentorship and a business community where you’re surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs, sharing their zone of genius without comparison or competition and getting the exact steps you need to take your business to the next level. 

What If You Could Go From An Unorganized, Misaligned Solo Operation To An Optimized, High-Converting Brand?  

An exclusive mentorship community with access to:

2 monthly group calls with hot-seat coaching

Implementable, internal business structures that allow you to scale

White-glove processes that increase your client retention

Custom 12-month business blueprint

A supportive (and private) group Slack channel to connect you with the community

A video portal with lifetime access to call recordings and mini-trainings

Imagine a helpful, supportive community that helps you streamline your systems and processes so you can finally scale to the next level.

A resource and template-packed community to help you implement the processes you need to make your job easier. 

A results-oriented community that hands you a custom business blueprint so you can have the clarity and direction to plan your next steps.

A program offering omnipresent marketing strategies that will have your ideal clients tripping over themselves to pay four and five figures for your services.

Aligned Brand Accelerator is a powerful, exclusive community that will help your business SELL, SERVE, and SCALE to fit your life—not fight it.

Inside you'll learn to...

Establish your perfect services, allowing you to stay in your zone of genius

Get clear on exactly where to focus to hit consistent $10 months. Next up, your first $100K!

Find the unique competitive edge that sets you apart from the competition

Increase your prices and still have ideal clients throwing their credit cards at you

Have a streamlined client process to establish your professionalism and keep clients coming back, year after year (and recommending you to everyone else)!

Develop an omnipresent marketing strategy that constantly brings in clients on autopilot. Think bigger than social media with PR, partnerships, referrals, and guest articles. 

You can finally do the work you love for people that are eager to work with you. 

You’re ready to start charging what you’re worth and stop bickering over every minute or every dollar. 

You can finally be recognized as a thought leader in your niche and operate as the go-to authority. 

Now you’re ready to scale your business to multiple four and five-figure months with organized 

Have we met? I'm Olivia.

Business mentor, brand designer and life enthusiast helping entrepreneurs make massive profit and impact.

Several years ago, I left my cushy 9-5 job to pursue the wonderful world of entrepreneurship—and what a wild ride that was! 

I had no plan, no systems, and very few resources. I was fueled by a passion to bridge the gap between beautiful design and making an impact. 

And I did just that. 

My agency is now the go-to authority for luxury wellness-focused businesses to align and elevate their brands.

But I didn't go from solopreneur to multi-six figure CEO overnight.

It would have been so much easier if I had a community to guide and support me along the way. 

It would have been so much easier if I had a shortcut that revealed a process for proven success. 

It would have been so much easier if I had known what on earth I was doing before I made so many preventable mistakes. 

Friends, that’s why I created the Aligned Brand Accelerator Community! To help you take the guesswork and mess-work out of your operation so you can ATTRACT and RETAIN better business. 

STOP working with clients that aren’t aligned with your vision. 

STOP scraping by on the jobs that equal the low-hanging fruit of the online business world.

STOP being voiceless and invisible in your niche...

STOP aiming blindly in your marketing, hoping for the best, with no real strategy.

STOP “winging it” on the behind-the-scenes operations of your business. 

"[Olivia] has helped me get out of the solopreneur mindset and really step into the CEO version of me. I have scaled my team and multiplied my revenue by 10x."

See what other aligned and accelerated brands have to say:

Here's a peek at what's included

2 monthly group calls

There will be 2 live monthly group calls via Zoom where we'll go through a specific training topic and time for hot-seat coaching to ask Olivia any specific questions about your business.

Custom 12 month business blueprint

A 12 month plan that's custom to you and your business to map out your exact numbers and goals.

Tools, Resources + templates

You'll have access to all tools, resources and templates I've used to scale my business.

Private group slack channel

A private group Slack channel for ABA members to ask questions, get support and cheer each other on.

Aligned Brand Accelerator is NOT like other courses or programs. 

I am not going to waste your time on ANOTHER self-paced course you’ll never finish. 

You won’t be lost in the crowd of a mass group coaching model full of too many people and not enough service. 

It will require a minimum three-month commitment from you so you can start to see real results. After three months are up, we can run month-to-month and just keep on growing!

This is an INTIMATE group program with CUSTOM support. 

No bro-marketing garbage in here!

We’re a genuine community of creative entrepreneurs that want to serve and grow with you.

Founding member investment


Ready to align your business and life?

7 live group calls (1 bonus call!)

12 month business blueprint

Video library with trainings + lessons

Private group Slack channel

Multi-six figure business templates

3 payments of

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Get the tools, clarity and guidance you need to give yourself the freedom of choice in your business.

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