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Do you want a thriving design studio that fuels your dream life without burnout & overwhelm?

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Maybe you're burnt out, constantly working on client work and never have enough time to work on your own business.... or you're on the other the end of not having consistent client work, you have no strategy to even get clients and the clients you do have are low-paying, not ideal clients? 

I know how overwhelming it feels to want nothing more than to have a successful brand and website design studio, but not know how to make that happen and I'm here to help you accelerate your progress to build your dream life and business!

In this self-paced course & Live group coaching, I'll show you how to build a thriving design studio with clients & projects you're obsessed with, while also living your dream life outside of work.

What you'll learn

You'll learn how to:

  • Create a customized growth plan that aligns with the vision you have for your life & business
  • Implement systems & processes that give you hours of your time back so you can stay in your genius zone & have more freedom
  • Create offerings high-paying, ideal clients can't say no to & how to price your worth
  • Enhance your mindset, productivity & mindset to operate at a high-level only working 30 hours/week as a solopreneur or with a small team

If you want to build a 6 figure design studio, but don't believe in hustle culture & want your studio to be what fuels your life outside of work, the best thing you can do is join this course. I'll guide you to creating a $150k plus design studio that aligns both your business AND life goals - plus I'll be holding you accountable!

Whether you're a new brand & website designer or have been in business for a few years, this course will accelerate your business growth!

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What you'll learn in SGA

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"My brain doesn't compute the concept of not working with Olivia - I find that much value working with her"

Brooke, Nari Creative

"Everything Olivia has taught has helped me so much in confidently showing up for my business."

rachael, Studio Foray

"She never holds back and shares everything about her business very openly, successes and vulnerabilities".

Laura, Withlau studio

"Working with Olivia was honestly the best thing I did for my business."

Emily, Crymes design

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