Guest speaking, workshops and collaborations on building an authentic brand, impactful business and living a life with purpose every day.

Not your typical "a brand is not your logo" advice.

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As a serial entrepreneur owning three businesses, I've learned a lot in the four short years of my entrepreneurship journey. While building standout brands and high-converting websites are my bread and butter, I'm passionate on sharing about what it takes to ditch the expectations of Corporate America and societal conditioning to go after your dreams (and be successful doing it). Taking the leap is the scary part, but sustaining the freedom lifestyle and actually being profitable are the next challenge, which is something I struggled (and Googled) my way through. Productivity, systems, work/life balance and other elements I know are pertinent to growth as a business owner are things I had to learn along the way and would love to help others learn from my mistakes.

With public speaking, workshops, training and podcast experience, I cater each engagement specifically to what your audience and clients need.

How to build a standout brand in a saturated and ever-changing market that is unique from your competitors.

Hiring a team that supports your vision and being a high-performing and intuitive leader.

The elements of a high-converting website and how to get your website to serve as your best sales person.

The on-going practice of a CEO mindset and embodying your 7-figure self through meditation, journaling and other self-care practices.

Balancing owning three businesses and how to build an agency and education business model.

Ditching societal conditioning and unapologetically going after your dreams.

Implementing the systems to scale and productivity tips for 35-hour 4-day work weeks (for your whole team).

White glove client experience that increases client retention, calls in ideal clients and builds your reputation.

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As a podcast host and business mentor, I am always looking to expand my repertoire of experts on specific topics. I would love to chat with you about how I can help you and your clients, while also building a relationship - excited to chat!