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Design + Business Templates

Design Process Templates

Skip the guesswork and elevate your proposals and presentations to expert status. These InDesign templates are exactly what you need to land high-ticket clients, then impress them every step of the way

Emailing Made Easy Template Bundle

Take the cringe out of client communications. From onboarding sequences to boundary-setting (and reinforcing) notes, use these email templates to show up in your business with confidence. Your frictionless inbox will thank you.

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ClickUp Templates

Hands up if you have a graveyard of project management tools crowding your inbox with “please come back” messages. Same. ClickUp is my favorite one by far, but it can have a learning curve because it’s so robust. Skip the frustration and streamline ASAP with my templates for seamless operations.

Design Studio Business Blueprint

A catchall for all the other pieces you may need to reach your business goals. If there’s any possible way to make things even more efficient, odds are: I’ve done it and made you a template. 

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