Olivia Austin

ClickUp Client Folder Template For Designers

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A ClickUp folder that manages client projects from start to finish!

This ClickUp folder includes project phases: onboarding, brand strategy, brand design, copywriting, website design and offboarding that you can use for your studio or customize to fit your process.

1x Internal project list for you and/or your team
  • Categorized by project phase
  • Due dates to make sure you're on time
  • Option for time tracking
  • Task statuses
  • Assign to different team members

1x Client list for all communication
  • Task review list so clients always know what you need from them
  • Project overview list with all relevant links for the project (AKA main hub for the project!)
  • Categorized by phase + project status so clients know what to expect

What's included:

Give your client a convenient, professional one-stop shop for everything they need to work with you, right in your studio. With ClickUp, everything will have a home, and clients will know where to look (and actually get you what you need).

**This is exactly what I use to manage 30+ clients/year! It is robust + highly detailed, there is nothing else like this out there.