ClickUp Client Folder Template For Designers

A ClickUp folder that manages client projects from start to finish!

Give your client a convenient, professional one-stop shop for everything they need to work with you, right in your studio. With ClickUp, everything will have a home, and clients will know where to look (and actually get you what you need).

This ClickUp folder includes project phases: onboarding, brand strategy, brand design, copywriting, website design and offboarding that you can use for your studio or customize to fit your process.

1x Internal project list for you and/or your team
  • Categorized by project phase
  • Due dates to make sure you're on time
  • Option for time tracking
  • Task statuses
  • Assign to different team members

1x Client list for all communication
  • Task review list so clients always know what you need from them
  • Project overview list with all relevant links for the project (AKA main hub for the project!)
  • Categorized by phase + project status so clients know what to expect

What's included:

What designers are saying.

“The ClickUp bundle was one of the best investments I’ve made in my business”

"It saved me SO much time! I went full time in my business 8 months ago and before that I was still technically freelancing but had no actual processes or backend organization for myself. The instructions were clear and the templates themselves have helped me out throughout all my projects to stay organized while also elevating my clients experience!"


"Olivia's ClickUp templates have helped me streamline my process with my clients immensely!

I knew I wanted to move to ClickUp, but was so overwhelmed trying to figure out 1. how to use ClickUp and 2. how to upgrade my client processes at the same time. If you need help in either of those areas, you 100% need this template! "


"Really helpful to see how another designer uses ClickUp!"

"It's been helpful to see how someone else structures their Clickup folders with clients. Ive taken the template and have edited it quite a bit to fit my studio, but it was still really helpful to see how someone else does it".


"Olivia's templates have been a game-changer in my agency! "

"Each template has saved me time while also helping elevate how concepts are presented to clients. The ClickUp templates were instrumental in streamlining our internal systems with the flexibility to customize as needed to fit our niche clientele. Each purchase I’ve made from the template shop has helped elevate my business and saved me a lot of time."