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READY TO SCALE your design studio for maximum freedom, Growth + Profit?

Designed to Scale mastermind


put strategy behind your efforts and scale with confidence.

You've built a foundation, have decent clients and are ready to uplevel your business - but where do you start?

 You feel like you’re leaving money on the table, but need guidance on the right direction to take to scale properly.

You want to secure consistent, high-quality clientele that pays 5+ figures per service without question.

You feel overwhelmed by your client workload and have no internal structure to allow you to work on big vision business strategies.

You want more freedom in general from your business and to have work/life balance. Like, how do people do this??

Psst, if this is you, you're in the right place

"Everything Olivia has taught has helped me so much in confidently showing up for my business. All the women in DTS are amazing and it's so cool how we've been given the same tools, yet we each are taking our businesses in different directions. That's the beauty of Designed to Scale, it's not just one way, it's really geared specifically towards you and your goals".

Rachael, Studio Foray

Hey! I'm Olivia.

Meet your mentor

Brand designer, business mentor and life enthusiast helping designers take the guesswork out of scaling your business and step into the CEO of your agency.

Over the past few years I've scaled my agency, Current Design Studio, to consistent multiple six figures, doubling our revenue year after year. 

But I didn't go from solopreneur to CEO overnight. It took a lot of trial and error, sleepless nights and wasted money to get here and now it's my passion, no, OBSESSION,  to help you skip the guesswork and get the strategies and systems to scale your business with ease, alignment and flow. I believe that building a business is so much more than work — it’s a lifestyle. Waking up every day doing what you love, expressing yourself creatively, inspiring others and making money doing it, THAT is what life is about. 

It’s an intimate container where you implement systems and strategies to scale without burnout, get support from like-minded designers + step into the CEO of your agency. There is nothing like this out there. Over the last year I’ve watch the girls in DTS book $22K+ projects, grow their team, take long vacations, develop passive income and most importantly, feel confident in knowing the trajectory of their business growth.

The business haven for designers to build the systems, strategies and mindset to build the agency of your dreams.

Designed to Scale

If you don't know where you're going, how will you get there?

You've built your agency through trial and error - now you're committed to grow to the next level, but where do you start?

Passive income? New services? More team members? Is it possible to work less?? The possibilities truly are endless and there's no right or wrong path for you, but deciding the right next step for you and putting strategy behind your growth can be confusing, overwhelming and sometimes lonely...

So, let me ask you...


Client results I live for

Imagine where you would in a year if you started now?

Is Designed to Scale right for you?

Have a consistent-ish clientele base, but are wanting to elevate the type of clientele you’re working with.

You’re ready to step into the CEO of your agency and work on big vision goals, not just day-to-day client work.

You want to ditch the overwhelm, 10+ hour days and burnout and finally get to reap the benefits of your business with more freedom to do things outside of work.

Feel like you're leaving money on the table and want to establish a plan for profitability.

Want to start to build a team or refine your internal team structure but aren’t sure the right way to go about doing it.

Want to have a more strategic and omnipresent marketing strategy that consistently brings in ideal clients and doesn’t require you to be on Instagram every single day.

Want a well-rounded approach to growing your agency through mindset, wellness and work/life practices that stick (and work!).

You are ready to go ALL IN on your business, but need guidance on where to focus on so you’re not wasting time in the wrong areas. 

You are perfect for dts if you...

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let me make one thing clear...

Designed to Scale is an intimate, small mastermind to help you scale your agency in a sustainable way without burnout. The strategies you'll learn help you to grow immensely by implementing processes, the right team members, omnipresent marketing strategies and  productivity hacks that allow you to step into the CEO of your agency.

We're not into quick fixes or making a bunch of money fast. We're growing your agency in alignment, with integrity and without burnout. (While we're not purposely making a bunch of money fast, sometimes it does happen!).

If you're into quick fixes, dts is not for you.

"[Olivia] has helped me get out of the solopreneur mindset and really step into the CEO version of me. I have scaled my team and multiplied my revenue by 10x."

Crizeel, agency owner

Well-rounded business strategies to scale your agency without burnout

Step into the CEO of your agency

Sick of spinning on the wheel of doing client work and not having enough time working on your business? Are you wanting to work on high-level business strategies vs. being in the day to day operations? Are you on the brink of burnout and something needs to change STAT? Designed to Scale takes a well-rounded approach to business by implementing strategies from growth, profit and wellness to diversify your income and scale your agency.

Goal setting + Vision Planning
12 month business blueprint
Refine and hone in services
CEO systems
Internal processes
Map out team growth

Set the Foundation

Big VIsion


CEO Salary
Wealth Management
Pricing / Increasing Services
Financial Planning
Multiple Streams of Revenue

Profit + Services


7-Figure Embodiment
CEO Mindset
Human Design
Working in Alignment
Work/Life Balance

Aligned CEO


We are not following a specific curriculum or blueprint (which is what makes this different), but here are our core pillars to scale.

PR + Media strategies
Implementing Funnels and ads
Omnipresent marketing strategies
Building strategic partnerships
Email marketing
Social media best practices

Align + Amplify

I'm ready! →

You only worked with “hell yes”, high-end clients that even blink at 5-figure+ proposals

You had a seamless client process that took less time and increases client retention

You deciphered your unique differentiator that made you stand out from other designers

You felt confident in your services suite + knew exactly where to focus your energy in order to scale design studio.

You set boundaries with clients for smoother and seamless projects (AKA no more frankensteins)

You had a 7 figure mindset and confidence  

You consistently secured high-quality clients with a simple marketing strategy

Do me a favor, picture this:

All the support you could possibly need, plus some

Library with 50+ trainings

A library with 50+ trainings on all business topics from mindset, systems, processes and so much more. Also in this library are past guest expert calls from the previous cohorts.

Guest expert trainings

Bi-monthly there's a guest expert training to dive deep into a specific topic. Upcoming trainings: PR, Ads + Funnels, wealth management, money mindset, and more

Access to my internal Documents

You'll get access to all of the internal documents, templates, processes, ClickUp templates and anything we use at Current that might be helpful for your business. I really am an open book and don't hold anything back.

Custom 12 month business blueprint

I'll create a 12 month business blueprint that outlines your revenue, expenses, profit and launches to help you stay on track with your goals. I LIVE by this in my business.

Monthly 1:1 call with me

Each month we'll schedule a 1:1 call to go over any questions you have, make sure you're on track with goals and discuss anything you might need assistance with that month.

2 in-person retreats

The best part about mentoring fellow designers is the cultivated community of support and growth. Over our year together, we'll have 2 in-person retreats!

Yes, I said retreats!

There will be 2 in-person retreats throughout our time together

Retreat One: June/July 2022, Maine
Retreat Two: Feb or Mar 2023, TBD

More details for the retreats to follow, but expect a few days of business, wellness and community with like-minded business owners to accelerate your growth.

I need this

"I've been a part of Designed to Scale since January 2021 and not continuing DTS is literally just not an option for me. My brain doesn't compute the concept of not working with Olivia.... I find that much value in what she's offering. I'll see you in June!"

Brooke, Nari Creative

Bi-Monthly Guest Expert trainings

There will be 6 guest experts doing trainings on topics the group is interested in throughout our time together. Past trainings include:

Email Marketing

Systems + Processes

Human Design

High-end clients

Instagram Marketing

CEO mindset + Leadership

Frequently asked questions and the answers

I already make 6-figures, is this good for me?

Yes! In Designed to Scale you will learn and implement high-level business strategies to help you scale to the next level. While you'll learn omnipresent marketing strategies, this is not a mastermind about getting clients. You will scale your agency to consistent $15k - $30k+ months and focus on building a business that supports your lifestyle rather than working 24/7 through elevated foundations and the mindset shifts required to step into the CEO of your agency.

Is there 1:1 Coaching?

Yep! Every month you and I have a 60 minute 1:1 call going over anything you need in your business and make sure you're on track with your goals. During our group calls, there is also a chance for 1:1 support during hot seats. I make sure that you're getting the truly custom support you need to grow your agency.

How long is the mastermind?

Designed to Scale is a 12 month container from June 2022 - May 2023. This gives plenty of time to see exponential growth without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. As a business mentor, this amount of time is when I see the most sustainable growth.

How big is the group?

The group is limited to just 10 people to ensure everyone feels supported, feels seen and understood by everyone in the group. The community aspect is very important and we make sure everyone build relationships with everyone (the retreats help with this!). 

At this time, there are only 5/10 spots available. Secure your spot → 

Can I enroll in DTS at any time?

No. As I've mentioned, this is a small group container that is built on accountability - you will not get lost in the crowd. Designed to Scale is open for enrollment now and will not be available again until June 2023.

How custom is the support?

The support is very, very custom, which is what makes DTS different than anything that's offered out there for designers. While everyone in the group is a designer, everyone has different goals and runs different businesses, so I ensure that the support you're getting applies to your business. I am heavily involved in your business, looking at everything from internal structures, processes, hiring, pricing, systems - literally everything. 

The next cohort Starts June 2022 + is a 12 month container

Are you ready for the thriving agency and freedom life you deserve?

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Only 5/10 spots left!

More client results

Are you ready to design your business to scale?

I can't wait to hear from you! Click the link below to apply to Designed to Scale and I'll be in touch to schedule a call!

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CEO and founder of Current.

Hey, I'm Olivia .

Over the past few years I've scaled my business to consistent multiple six figures, doubling our revenue year after year. 

I'm known for my refined processes, streamlined client systems, delegating to my team (of 5) and setting boundaries that have allowed me to scale quickly and in alignment. 

But I didn't go from solopreneur to CEO overnight. It took a lot of trial and error, sleepless nights and wasted money to get here and now it's my mission to help you skip the guesswork and get the strategies and systems to scale quickly. 

Scaling a business requires clarity, vision and the ability to not get distracted. Without the proper mentorship this can be confusing and can take much longer than they need to (trust me from experience).

I believe that building a business is so much more than work — it’s a lifestyle. Waking up every day doing what you love, expressing yourself creatively, inspiring others and making money doing it, THAT is what life is about. I'm so excited to be offering mentorship to help fellow entrepreneurs (like you) scale your business in alignment and flow.