Helping ambitious creatives build the business AND life of their dreams.

What fills my cup:

Whatever you do, do it with purpose. Because your business should be an extension of you that feels aligned.

My mission? Help ambitious creatives LIVE more than they work. When you have that internal drive for your dream life, all you need to do is add clarity to your path, so you can make those dreams a reality, no matter how unconventional it might feel.







Plus, the journey should be fun.

Here's Mine -


I woke up one day and quit my corporate job with 0 plan. I craved more adventure than limited PTO and 9-5 office work gave me. Spoiler: It worked out better than great.


As a self-taught designer, I freelanced and (tried to) figure it all out. Cue: lots of second-guessing and frustration, but also important lessons and crazy growth. Despite growing, I was still searching for clarity and direction. And I was undercharging and over-delivering (aka totally not profitable).


I went all in with Current Design Studio, positioning the brand as an expert in the design space and getting hyper-clear on my ideal client. 


My dream entrepreneur life started to feel real, but I knew that I needed more help to get there. I hired my first business coach and my first assistant designer.


I threw myself in, guns blazing, to scaling and delegating. I grew the Current team from 2 to 5 and hosted the first round of Designed to Scale.


I realized that my growth wasn’t aligned with what my dream, multi-passionate entrepreneur life looked like. So, I pivoted, scaled down to a smaller team with a more boutique feel, launched Motive Deck™, and mentored even more designers (teaching them everything I’ve learned).

2023 - 2024

Continuing to work with amazing clients who value my time and work, while working only part-time hours!

I’ve done the trial-and-error so you don't have to.

Since quitting my corporate job and launching my design studio, I’ve gone from…

Feeling unfulfilled in my corporate job

I’m telling you this because I truly believe that if I can do it, so can you. And I’m here to give you the tools to do it quicker than I did.

making over $1M in revenue in my first 5 years of business

Charging $25 per hour

successfully (and consistently) charging $15K+ for design services

Unsure of my path and purpose in life

feeling aligned and grounded in what I’m here to do

Working endlessly and not having a life

traveling the world and taking months off while my businesses still thrive.

Overwhelmed and frustrated with internal operations

confidently scaling with processes and systems that increase profitability.

Your design studio is the ticket to your dream life.

If you’re willing to make the first step, I’m here to help you soar.