During your 1:1 Clarity Session, we'll create a custom growth plan and figure out what your goals are, what’s tripping you up right now, and how to overcome that roadblock. In just 90 minutes, I’ll help you ideate a clear path forward based on what your goals are.

1:1 Clarity Session

Need clarity

next steps for your design business?

on the

Do you catch yourself daydreaming of things like this?

You're ready for growth, but you're stuck in limbo thinking of what the next right step FOR YOU is.

You could save yourself hours and hours of trial and error on what to do to succeed in your business.

You got the clarity you need to scale to multiple 6-figures in just one day.

You were the CEO of your agency working on big vision goals instead of day-to-day tasks.

You had the free time to do other things outside of your business without it falling apart. 

You had white glove client experiences that took you less time and increased client retention.

You ditched the "hustle" mentality and had more alignment and flow in your work day.

You want to scale to the next level in the most strategic way.

You want to shatter glass ceilings and elevate to the next level with confidence and the right guidance.

You feel like you're leaving money on the table in your business and want insight on the next steps to take. 

You are overwhelmed by your clients and want more freedom in general from your business.

Need help restructuring your services, adding additional services and/or passive income streams.

You want to step into the CEO of your agency unapologetically and achieve your 7-figure you goals.

Who Clarity Sessions are for:

"My brain doesn't compute the concept of not working with Olivia - I find that much value working with her"

Brooke, Nari Creative

"She never holds back and shares everything about her business very openly, successes and vulnerabilities".

Laura, Withlau Studio

"Olivia helped me clean up and simplify my business all while expanding my revenue & growing my team"

Ali, Amari Creative

Meet Your Mentor -

Over the past few years I've scaled my business to consistent multiple six figures, doubling our revenue year after year. 

I'm known for my refined processes, streamlined client systems, delegating to my team (of 5) and setting boundaries that have allowed me to scale quickly and in alignment. 

But I didn't go from solopreneur to CEO overnight. It took a lot of trial and error, sleepless nights and wasted money to get here and now it's my mission to help you skip the guesswork and get the strategies and systems to scale. 

Scaling a business requires clarity, vision and the ability to not get distracted. Without the proper mentorship this can be confusing and can take much longer than they need to (trust me from experience).

I believe that building a business is so much more than work — it’s a lifestyle. Waking up every day doing what you love, expressing yourself creatively, inspiring others and making money doing it, THAT is what life is about. I'm so excited to be offering mentorship to help fellow entrepreneurs (like you) scale your business in alignment and flow.

Olivia Austin

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What's included

Customized, 1:1 coaching with me

A 90 minute 1:1 Zoom call with me to go over anything you need guidance with in your business. Prior to our call, you'll fill out a strategy document so I get a good understanding of your business and craft a custom itinerary so we ensure we get the most of our time together. This is the only way to work 1:1 with me outside of my mastermind!

2 weeks post-intensive support

Up to 2 weeks after your intensive, you'll get unlimited texting support with me as you implement what we discussed if questions or anything else comes up.

Access to my internal Documents

You'll get access to all of the internal documents, templates, processes, ClickUp templates and anything we use at Current that might be helpful for your business. I really am an open book and don't hold anything back.

Custom 12 month business blueprint

I'll create a 12 month business blueprint that outlines your revenue, expenses, profit and launches to help you stay on track with your goals. I LIVE by this in my business.

  • Hiring a team and internal structure
  • Refining your services
  • Business audit to find revenue leaks
  • Passive income strategies
  • Client retention
  • Business Planning
  • 7-figure embodiment
  • Omnipresent marketing strategies
  • White glove client experience
  • Agency and education business model
  • Work/Life harmony and spirituality in business
  • Internal processes and documents
  • Taking extended time off in your business

Bring enjoyment back into your business

Topics we'll cover to help you achieve that:

Ready to Dive In?

One payment of $997

90 minute 1:1 intensive with Olivia
Access to CDS templates
Access to ClickUp templates
Deep-dive strategy document
2 weeks unlimited support post intensive