Olivia Austin

Design Studio business blueprint Bundle

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You didn’t become a designer because you love fiddling around in Excel.

(1) Monthly + Yearly Profit Overview Google Sheet
  • 1x Goal Planning + Organizing Page
  • 1x Monthly + yearly expense tracker to see a broad overview of where money is going and where it's coming from 
  • 1x Monthly + Yearly Revenue Tracker to see projections months in advance that allow you to make smart business decisions
  • 1x Personal Finance Page to build personal wealth outside of the business

(1) Broad Business Overview Google Sheet
  • 1x Monthly, Quarterly + Yearly breakdown to compare months + quarters from years prior
  • 1x Client Acquisition Analysis to see what types of clients you work with + what services are most popular
  • 1x Services Suite Overview to get a broad overview of every service you offer + how to increase pricing over the years

What's included:

But you’re not going to hit and surpass a 6-figure studio income goal without a revenue plan. Don’t leave your business finances and income up to chance and guesswork—steal my framework.